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Principal Music Publishers
G. Schirmer, Inc.  
Peer Music
Boosey & Hawkes 
To find which publisher to contact for a given Thomson work, refer to the Compositions page on this site.  

Yale University Library
Irving S. Gilmore Music Library
The Virgil Thomson Papers

Oral History of American Music (OHAM)

Archives include interviews with Virgil Thomson as well as recordings of a course Thomson taught at Yale.

University Libraries at the University of Missouri, Kansas City

The Virgil Thomson Collection in the LaBudde Special Collections
Stuart Hinds, Assistant Dean of Special Collections and Archives

The Virgil Thomson Fellowship of the Society for American Music
Fellowship Information Website

Library of America
Publisher of the selected writings of Virgil Thomson
Virgil Thomson: Music Chronicles 1940–1954
Virgil Thomson: The State of Music & Other Writings